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Cultural Activism

Art has become a very effective means of activism.  Whether through music, poetry or visual arts, it targets the subconscious and, in an encoded and subtle message, it effects change in us.  This space showcases different forms af art-ivism in various topics, including immigration, social justice, environmental justice, multiculturalism, etc.  Below that is a space designed for our members to contribute their own stories and add them to this space.  To view contributions from our community, click here or scroll down.

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Noche de Peña 1

A "Peña" is a casual and participatory event centered around live music, which celebrates culture and community.   Popularized in South America, much of the music, poetry and theater performed is in protest against totalitarianism and other forms of social injustice.  The first Niche de Peña (Peña Night) in Boulder took place on the Palmer Terrace of the Dairy Arts Center with a variety of musical talent, poetry and excellent attendance froma diverse audience.


Ryan Foo

Ryan Foo is a Denver based Event Producer, Activator, Speaker, and Entrepreneur.  Foo attended the 2019 Bioneers Conference at the University of Colorado, commenting on the importance of artivism today.  Foo creates venues such that under-served populations can express themselves through the arts.


Front Range Eco-Social Solutions Conference

In its 15th year, the conference was a Bioneers Resilient Communities Network event, featuring a weekend of sharing, learning and action where speakers and participants explored topics of social justice around environmental issues such as gentrification.  The 2018 conference was capped by an amazing performance from Climbing Poe-tree (pictured above).

Noche de Peña 2

The second Noche de Peña in Boulder took place in early August, 2019, in the lobby of the Dairy Arts Cenetr, with an audience of more than 160 people in attendance.  Various music numbers and poetrey readings were featured, with talent from Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and the US.  The event was multilingual and multicultural, featuring food and drinks from various locations in Latin America.

Fruta Brutal's ¡Viva!

The trilingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese) trio of Martín Better, Matt Cantor and Forrest Raup performed their song ¡Viva! as a message of tolerance and welcoming towards newcomers and immigrants.  The show took place at the local coffee house, The Laughing Goat, to a packed audience.  The band performs at venues in the Front Range, bringing their music and message to a variety of local communities.


Pedro Silva

Pedro Silva is an Associate Minister at the First Congregational Church in Boulder.  He also raps.  In this audio, he is rapping for immigrant rights as part of the Together Colorado rally and march in 2018, alongside leaders from other 7 centers of worship in Boulder.

From our community ...

Comm Artivism

First Open Mic Night

The Post Restaurant

November 28, 2018

All speeches translated into English by Martín Better.

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