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Families in Motion: Migration and other Life Changes

Whether you're a newcomer or a native, you have a story to share. It doesn't have to be elaborate or profound; every shared story strengthens our community.

Members of the League of Women Voters
Event organizers at the Louisville Public Library

This event was offered by Louisville Live: An Experiment in Community, in collaboration with the League of Women voters of Boulder County and the Louisville Public Library. 

Community members were invited to share their family stories - perhaps about how war uprooted the family and brought it to Colorado from a distant country. They might tell about the challenges of learning new languages and customs or the interplay between the desire to preserve some cultural values of their places of origin and the wish to integrate into their new home.  No speeches of lectures; just conversations among neighbors.

- Rossana Longo Better is the KGNU/League of Women Voters Boulder County public policy/media intern.

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